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The call service has been amazing for me! My husband works another full time job and I was managing our storage facility by myself with two babies at home. So, basically another full time job and I had to miss most of my calls. Since starting the call service, my stress level has gone way down and I don't have that much work to do now. They do most of the managing of the facility, without us needing to hire someone to sit in the office waiting for the phone to ring. Our facility is not totally standard and we are new owners, so it has been a bit of a learning curve for me figuring out what information is important to give to them, so they can answer questions customers have most effectively. It is really nice to be able to listen to all of your calls at the end of the month to be able to refine the information you provide to them and also to get a good feel for the most common questions customers have. Would absolutely recommend!!

Mogen Keene

Owner, Railside Mini Storage

I am so pleased with the level of professional service I receive from Call Advantage. As a small business owner I didn't want to spend all of my time at the office answering phone calls that were from solicitors and especially not leads to potential customers. Call Advantage simplified my life by not missing potential business for my self-storage business by leasing done over the phone and accepting payments from my tenants by credit card. I LOVE Call Advantage and life as a self-storage owner only got better for me and my family.

Amy Cervantez


Call Advantage is great for me as a small storage facility owner. Just 3 months after I started using Call Advantage my facility went from 65% full to 100% full without me having to answer a call or worry about missing a call. They know my Easy Storage Solutions software better than I do and understand the storage business and how to close the sale. I would never go back to trying to do it without them.

Greg Mckinnon


Money well spent! I run other businesses in addition to my self storage ventures so EasyStorage's Call Advantage has been a huge help to me. They have consistently produced more value than they have charged me for. If you can't always answer the phone, give them a try. You will be glad you did!

Daryl Dunahoo


I bought a storage facility in Littlefield, AZ in Oct of 2014. I am not always at the storage site because i run another business. I hated missing calls from prospective renters and calling people back to learn that they had already called one of my competitors was very disappointing. It was hurting my business. I love knowing that i will never have that problem now that Call Advantage is taking the calls i miss. Big thanks to Christian and his team! 🙂

James Sorenson


We have been using Call Advantage for a couple of months now. I have to say that it has made having storage units so much easier for me. I work full time and manage the storage units on the side and I can't answer the phone while I am at work. Call Advantage makes it so that our customers can get answers to questions when I am not available. Call Advantage has been very easy to work with and are very professional in all they do. There price is very reasonable and I would highly recommend them to others.

Diana Lambertsen


Call Advantage has been a life saver! By using this service, I have been able to cut my delinquent accounts by 50% and have freed up my time to be more productive. This service has been professional and has always kept me in the loop if tenants have any issues. I have been able to automate most processes for my facility and do not need a full time employee at the site.

Josh Van Gompel


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  • Answering Services
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